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Pine Green Haven Home, a haven for the elderly. The structure, daily routines and running of the facility is based on the principal “This is not a house but a home and therefore you are now part of a family!”

The facility offers the following:

Independent Living
Seniors would like to live on their own for as long as possible and there are ways of helping to make this a good experience for the senior citizen. Meals are provided and they don't have to cook, The Handy-care bus can also be available for doctor appointments and various other services. If the person is affiliated with a church it is wise to check to see what services are available through the church office. A doctor will be onsite at least twice a week.

Retirement Homes
An apartment like atmosphere that is inside a central community with medical staff available is something that makes a senior feel safe and yet independent. Their apartment is a room that is large enough to hold a bed, T.V., dresser, table, favourite chair and a few other small pieces of furniture and may have pictures hung on the wall to make it a home within a home. Medical staff will give the medication and is available if needed although not for long term extensive care. The person may come and go as they wish and keep a car on premise should they have one available.

Shared Housing
This is not only rewarding but saves on expenses for the senior citizen. Two people can move in together and share a room.

Adult Day-Care
The individual is dropped off at a day-care provider and is there for set hours, normally their meals are provided, they are in a nurturing atmosphere, they receive their medication as needed and they are around other people, but most of all they are cared for and safe.

Group Homes
Seniors live in a home with other seniors and a caregiver. These are normally with a 6 person maximum per home and have a family atmosphere. The individuals work together to make a home environment although they each have separate accommodations.

Assisted Living
A room type setting in which the person may have some of their own furniture, meals are furnished for them and washing clothes may be added for an extra charge. Medical staff is on hand and administers medication and takes care of minor problems that arise. It is a home where there are staff to assist the senior only, not take over 100% of the care.

Nursing Homes
Comprehensive care may be needed on a daily basis, not only medically but physically. Medical staff is on duty twenty four hours a day, medications are given, and therapy may also be given. Rooms may be shared giving the room a dorm-like atmosphere. All meals are provided .This is where twenty four hour care is necessary.

The choice is up to the individual as to how they would like to proceed.

If the individual can no longer live alone, they may opt for any one of the remaining solutions, but at least they know that they have a choice as to where and how they are going to live.

Helping to make that transition easier for them and a good experience helps to make the person feel secure and confident that they made the right decision and that is where Hadassah’s Home staff will commit to providing excellent service at all times.

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