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Who We Are

Pine Green Haven Home Retirement and Care Centre is a private institution for the Aged. We offer care for both semi-independent and frail individuals.
All patients are categorised as either Semi-Independent or Frail Care. Those admitted as Semi-Independent patients are totally self-caring and require no assistance whatsoever with any of their daily care needs. These patients are self-sufficient and are admitted for accommodation and meals.

Individuals would fall under the frail care category if they would need any assistance with bathing, eating, grooming and changing, mobility, special supervision due to mental illness etc.

All our rooms are sharing were each resident will be allocated their own bed, cupboard and side table. We do cater for all dietary requirements.

Please feel free to make an appointment to view our facility. Viewing of our facility is strictly by appointment between the hours of 14h30 -16h30 daily.

Fees Structure from 1 July 2017: PERMANENT RESIDENTS
Frail Care = R5100 pm
Semi Independent = R4200 pm
Overnight Stay = R485 per day
Day Care = R395 per day

Please note that should residents be admitted into the Semi Independent category and it is found that they require the added supervision and care offered to our Frail Care patients, they will be transferred to the Frail Care category and the necessary fee will apply. This fee is payable in advance and includes, 3 meals a day, 2 teas, all laundry, basic grooming,
supervision of medication and 24 hour nursing care.

Toiletries, medication, diapers (if applicable) etc will need to be provided by yourselves.

Herewith, please find a copy of our Application Form, House Rules as well as our Banking Details should you or your loved one choose to reside at Pine Haven. Please ensure that ALL particulars on the Application Form is completed and relevant forms certified and signed. House Rules must also be signed and handed over together with Application Form.

Applicants will only be placed on the waiting once ALL documentation is completed and submitted back to us. Applicants on the waiting list will be contacted when a bed becomes available. Please note that all ORIGINAL documentation must be submitted and all necessary fees pai d, prior to admission.

Please be advised that beds will only be reserved if all monies due are paid in full.

Please note that admission will only occur once all ORIGINAL documentation is submitted and approved. Please allow 2-3 days for Application processing.

Should you require any further information or if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact.

Thanks and Regards

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